Monday, 23 April 2007

The British Short Screenplay Competition

Just a heads up that the BSSC early deadline fast approaches.

Early deadline: 27th April 2007, for entry fee of £25.
Final deadline: 22nd June 2007, for entry fee of £35.

Disclaimer: I'm not associated with the scheme in any way, nor do I officially endorse it, check the small print before you apply, etc, etc. The judges list is always impressive,though. See here.

I have a suitable screenplay, but it needs further work; so, I'm going to wait and see how it turns out. This affords me another couple on months of hoping and dreaming that I'll get a big fat option cheque, or big fat TV salary. I'll then be able to fund my own short, should I wish to, without entering a competition, which always feels a bit like writing to "Jim'll Fix It" and asking to be screenwriter for a day. Anyone else feel like this?


Lianne said...

Hi Stuart! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Good luck with BSSC to you too.

Stuart Perry said...

Cheers Lianne.