Wednesday, 27 June 2007

You win some, you lose some

I was going to post with the nice news that I have made it to the last ten in the Euroscript Screenplay competition. But before I could get finger to keyboard, Euroscript put the shortlist in their latest mailing, and posted it on Shooting People. So, everyone probably already knows. Thanks to all who have posted or emailed me their congratulations. Much appreciated.

I'm bowled over by this news. As I hadn't heard about it for a while, I just assumed I hadn't got anywhere. Hooray! The winner and two runners up will be announced on Tuesday at Cheltenham; alas I won't be there. I could only afford to go for two days, and I plumped for the latter two.

My plan of winning the pitching competition to get another two days at the festival has not worked - I didn't make the final ten for that one. It's probably just as well: I'd have had to beg the Day Job for some last minute leave, and I'd have had to get up in front of a crowd and pitch, which - I must admit - was making me feel a bit apprehensive (read: scared stiff).

I would like to have been in the audience for the final pitches though, but I'm sure they'll be blogged about, or covered in ScriptWriter magazine. In the meantime, there's Lucy's competition for all the pitches that got away. I want to do a bit of work on mine before submitting it - is that allowed, Luce?

Oh, and a non-writing PS: My young lad started walking this week. He can go a few metres in a controlled way, without holding onto anything. It's amazing.


Danny Stack said...

Congrats on Euroscript! Got a link for it?

Jason Arnopp said...

The Euroscript news is truly excellent, sir! Hopefully, we can celebrate your victory upon your arrival in Cheltenham.

I shall indeed be watching the pitches - blind-drunk and heckling vicious mockery, courtesy of a loud-hailer. ;)

Stuart Perry said...

Danny, cheers, link is here (but doesn't seem to have been updated with the shortlist yet): Euroscript competition

Jason - I think whatever happens in the comp, it'll be an excuse to have a drink when I arrive. Hope you enjoy the first two days.

Helen Smith said...

Very exciting news about Euroscript - well done.

I'll be at the Cheltenham Festival so see you there.

martin said...

congrats again, and I'll txt u monday or tue to let u no if I can get to the Euroscript do. I'm probably going to be a driver at least some of the time at the SWF, so watch yourself on the roads!

Also I'm no longer blogless, so pop over sometime...

Paul Campbell said...

Congratulations, Stuart.

And congratulations to Perry Junior.

See you next week at Cheltenham.

David Bishop said...

Congratulations on Euroscript, and fingers crossed for further progression! Savour the moment!

Piers said...

Top news.

See you in Cheltenham!

Stuart Perry said...

Helen: look forward to meeting you at Cheltenham.

No-longer-blogless-Martin: not only have I visited your blog, I've linked to it as well.

Paul: Perry Jnr and I both say thanks. And gonrats again.

David: Cheers. I'm savouring!

Piers: Ta. And congrats on your good news.