Tuesday, 18 September 2007

See you in October!

Never mind the "Man Flu" that seems to periodically blight the scribosphere, the Perry clan has been laid low with viral Gastric Flu over the last few days, and it ain't pretty. We're all just trying to get better in time for our holiday starting on Friday.

For a week, the family and I will be relaxing in a timber lodge in the middle of a forest, enjoying the mists and mellow fruitfulness (and, no doubt, driving rain) of Autumn. I'm taking pens and pencils and working a little, if I get the chance, on a top-secret new project. I'm not going to post details about it until I get back, when hopefully things will have been signed, and ink will have dried. Watch this space.

On the iPod: Dusty in Memphis; quite soothing when you're not feeling well.


Lianne said...

Have fun! Hope you and the rest of the clan feel better soon too.

Piers said...

Ya big tease.

Frances Lynn said...

Oooooh! The 'top secret project' sounds intriguing.


Jason Arnopp said...

Hope that as I write, you're en route to your holiday, feeling as right as rain, sir!

And do try to put those pen and pencils away for a week. You're as bad as me! :)