Monday, 14 January 2008


Writing is an odd profession/obsession, isn't it? I met with a director, the fabulous Lou Birks, last week to discuss a project we are developing together. It's a ten minute long dramatic short, which I've done three drafts of, over the last few months. And it's not quite working.

Lou and I discussed the issues we both had with how the short was shaping up. Luckily, we both had come to exactly the same conclusions. We decide not only shall I do a page one rewrite, but also that length might be counting against us. The material fits nicer within 30 minutes, rather than 10. More running time gives it a chance to breathe, the backstory can be delivered at a better pace that doesn't feel like overload, and the tension can really be ratcheted up.

And I leave the meeting really energised and happy. Despite the fact that I've just agreed to three times as much work, and I'm starting from scratch. There really is no business like this, is there?!


potdoll said...

ooh, I met Lou at the three-day nfts course for dv shorts last year. lovely lady!

Stuart Perry said...

She certainly is (as are you, Potdoll, my love!). Lou's project was selected for the Screen South scheme Digital Shorts scheme at the same time as mine, and I met her during the qualifying process. Her short 'Stubborn and Spite' is well worth a look, if you get the chance.

potdoll said...


Yes it was on at Bristol wasn't it? I'd love to see it. I like her producer Emily, too!