Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Contractual Obligation Post... stop Piers and Jason from drive-by shooting my blog up anymore (see the comments to the last post, if you are confused):

I am well into draft 2 of my feature for Full On Pictures. We've had a lot of feedback now, mostly good, and all constructive. Producer-director Mark Jay is working with Screen South, who are supporting the development, to arrange a script executive to work closely with us. I'm busy making a better draft to go into that process.

Aside from this, I have been trying to catch up on some films and TV, so that I'm not quite so out of touch. I've slowly caught up with series 1 of The Wire, which is a masterful piece of work, which I heartily recommend to anyone. But, of course, everyone knows the Wire's great. If I can complete my second draft on schedule by the end of March, I think I'll get myself the box set of Series 2 (yes - it really is that compulsive.)


Paul Campbell said...

Yeah, I've got Series One sitting by my desk. I dip in when the mood is right and when deadlines permit.

Piers said...

Keep posting like this and there'll be no need for any more violence. :)

S4 of The Wire just popped through the post the other day. Already I've stayed up way past my bedtime in order to watch Just One More...

Damn but that show's good.