Thursday, 17 April 2008

To The Wire

The deadline for draft 2 of my feature for Full On films was extended, hence the posting drought here in the last few days; this means the box set of series 2 of The Wire (which I pre-ordered as my celebration gift to myself for completion) was with me slightly early (though I did manage to squeeze one episode in late on Saturday - it really is that compulsive). I delivered last night at a few minutes to midnight. Still exhausted.

Will resume normal service soon. I have some notes from Monday's Q&A to type up, and it will time for my blog's 1st Birthday in a few days. But first, I'm gonna have a short rest. See you tomorrow.


Piers said...

[holsters nine and returns to crib]

Frances Lynn said...

Well done ...... I have booked myself in for the TV Event on April 24 .....