Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Everyone's a Critic 2

Well, the internet has failed to heed my advice to be nicer and more constructive.

"The Wrong Door" was broadcast the other day (only got round to seeing it on the iPlayer yesterday, because I've been busy with things like doing one post here per day - it's killing me, I tells ya!).  Anyway, the scribosphere's own Phill "Phill 'The Barron' Barron" Barron's written some sketches for the series. See his lovely blog here for further nice information: it was received well in most quarters, the ratings were good, they built over the course of the episode.

All wonderful, you may think.  But no! What you have failed to see is that Barron is a sinner. He has been guilty of that most uncommon of vices - he's got work out there, and to a sizeable audience.  And to compound it, it's work that is trying (and succeeding, at least in this house) to make people laugh. What a naughty fellow!

You'd think Phill had strangled the Queen Mother's otter or something to see the reaction in the dustier corners of the web. Some people have taken the time out to go to his blog, and abuse the show and him in the comments section.  Luckily, Phill isn't me (I'd be weeping buckets by now) and has taken this in his stride.  And good on him, because it's a triumph to get paying gigs, let alone get things made, let alone get things watched.

Sad to say, a forum of which I'm a member, and which I used to think was rather civilised and above this sort of thing, has got a thread going titled "The Wrong Door - Good Grief"; and in this thread a poster has linked to Phillip's blog, making some derisory comments, and putting the "blame"squarely at his door.  This is all wrong. It's wrong to put it at his door. Wrong door (this subliminal advertising lark is easy, isn't it? I'll take cash or cheque, Phill).

Serious Point time: How about this? Don't say something in print to someone online that you wouldn't tell them to their face.  That works for me.  (Imagine if the person you were slagging off was sitting next to you, how embarrassed would you feel).


Phill Barron said...

Do they say I've got a small cock and smell strongly of beetroot? Because, you know, that's kind of true.

Stuart Perry said...

I know, I know*. But it's still wrong to mock the afflcited.

DISCLAIMER: I actually have no knowledge of the size of Phill's cock. Whatsoever.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

rob said...

...Don't say something in print to someone online that you wouldn't tell them to their face...

And bear in mind that Phill could probably kick your face off the front of your head with his special martial arts powers.

You know how they have the Red button reminders on screen, in case people want to know more about what they're watching?

Maybe what we need now is a Power Button Reminder; for when people aren't enjoying what they're watching...