Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The Machine Stops (Slight Return)

My PC has broken down. Again! And, alas, as my day job is in the financial services industry, unneccesary web surfuing is frowned upon in the current climate of downturn and crunch (nothing to do with productivity, though - it's just that so many people are online checking out the current share price, they're bringing down the web proxy).

So, I'm being a bit naughty and sneaking some time at the blog face to bemoan my computerless fate, and tell you all the things I would have written about, had I the means. Firstly, Russell T Davies's book, which I've just finished, was very entertaining, contains some useful advice (Russell's section on cliched soap behaviour is a must read), and quite scary in places (his description of the punishing schedules of both writing and promotion made me feel sorry for him for a second, until I realised that - yes! - of course I would take on the job if it was offered to me).

And I've also been tagged with the song meme by Paul Campbell and I have a very good idea for a lyric connected to screenwriting to share with you all. But it will have to wait. I need to buy a new computer first...


David Lemon said...

Hi Stuart

sorry to hear about your pc woes. I've had similar problems with my laptop succumbing to every virus known to man (some nifty free software called Malware bytes seems to have sorted it for now). It really is a swine as you do come to rely on the damn things. Love the RTD book too esp. the reference to Ricky Butcher wanting to see 'The Adventures of Baron Munchausen'.
How weird is that?

Piers said...

Yeah, did he not read the reviews?