Wednesday, 7 January 2009

New Year, New Meme

Happy New Year! I didn't expect to stay away from the blog for the full twelve days of Christmas, but it was a fantastic and furious time: lots of fun, lots of relatives visiting, lots of damn-the-recession fine food and wine, and my son (two and a half years old, so just this year getting what the season means) is still not sleeping properly at night because he is still so excited. I'm exhausted.

It's been mostly a holiday: I've nibbled at various pieces of script work over the last two weeks, but not chomped down hard on any one thing yet (this is a nice analogy isn't it?! Erk!). So, there hasn't been much to post about really. I've produced a whole five pages to reach 25 out of 60 on the Life Support pilot. So, I'm buckling down (or buckling under - whichever's good) to do a bit more before the big bad day job starts again on Monday (when, no doubt, my screenwriting effort will go up, but then I'm a contrary bugger, clearly).

Anyway, Piers has memed me with the 'what are you good and bad at' question: I'd say, from all the feedback so far that I'm better (I wouldn't claim to be good at anything necessarily) at characters and dialogue. I need to work harder on pitching my work, and on handling notes better in a rewrite. I won't pass the meme on, as I think everyone I know has already been passed it by someone else I know. Hello all of you people I know, by the way; you're looking well - is that top new?

P.S. A nice bit of luck - I was one of fifteen Shooters picked out of the hat for the Screenwriters' Festival launch party next Tuesday. Anyone else attending?


Phill Barron said...

Yes, see you there:

David Turner said...

Hi Stuart.
Yep, I'm one of the "Son of The Pitch" finalists, so I shall be there in full effect, networking my little heart out.

David Lemon said...

Hi Stuart
happy new year. Will be there on Tuesday too- see you there!

Frances Lynn said...

Good luck in 2009 - it's going to be a good one!

Stuart Perry said...

Frances - thanks, Happy New Year, and good luck for 2009 to you too!

Phill, David L - look forward to seeing you tonight.

David T - I'm sure you'll be introduced to all as a pitch finalist, so I'll work out who you are and come and say hello.