Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Academy Deadline

Hurry, hurry... if you're going to enter, the deadline for the BBC Writers' Academy is fast approaching. Ceri Meyrick was just on twitter confiming that there were 12 hours left; so, that looks like midnight tonight to me.

I finally decided to go for it, and completed and submitted my application yesterday. My research will ramp up from today. It's going to be a busy few weeks coming up.

If you've entered too: best of luck with it, and - obviously - I hope to see you at the interview stage!


Piers said...

I shall call my mob and tell them to extinguish their torches and put down their pitchforks immediately.

Tonight, we shall not march on Castle Perry.

Lucy said...

Hell, I'll march on all of you, to eradicate the competition! ; )

Good luck fellas!

Frances Lynn said...

Good luck Stuart!

Paul Campbell said...

Let's hope you have to make a really difficult decision!

Stuart Perry said...

Piers - thanks, though it will be a shame to miss the mob. I was looking forward to seeing all those guys again!

Lucy - thanks, and good luck to you too.

Frances - thanks very much.

Paul - oh yeah! It would be a wonderful agony. Here's hopin'. Thanks.