Saturday, 21 July 2007

Three Events

Two nice, one nasty.

Screen South are having an Information Day in Hastings on the 1st August. They will be talking about the Digital Shorts scheme for 2008, and screening some of the shorts from last year - I don't know whether 'Lent' will be one of those shown yet, but I hope so. I can't make it, sadly, but I urge any southern-based filmmakers to get there if they can. Note to Londoners and Northerners: the Digital Shorts schemes normally run at around the same time in all the regions, so keep an eye out as you should hear something soon. In fact, South West screen have already held a roadshow introducing their scheme, which Lucy Vee has written up here.

The WGGB are having a broadcasting event on 9th September, where Paul Ashton and Kate Rowland from the BBC Writers' Room will be interviewed. I'm going along to this one, as I missed out on Kate's appearance at Cheltenham.

And the final event is the death of my PVR due to fatal hard-drive crash. One day it was a portal to a world of entertainment, the next it became an expensive matt-black paperweight that flashes 'Er09' at me. No more freeview channels, no more hard drive to store episodes of telly for 'research' purposes. No time-shifting. Garrgh! If I want to watch a programme, I have to sit down when it's on, on analogue, which - let's face it- is practically impossible.

It's out of warranty, so I'll have to save up now for a new one. And that means next to no TV. For weeks. I'm choosing to see this as an experiment. I certainly have more time for writing. But I also have this yawning emptiness inside - is that normal?


Unknown said...

Stuart, what's a PVR? Doesn't everyone just have to watch the telly when it's on - when it's gone, it's gone* ? And doesn't that make it more precious and ephemeral, like a Banksy?

* except for the Only Fools & Horses Christmas Special, which is like a poo that never flushes away - quite satisfying at the time but later something of an embarrassment.

Frances Lynn said...

Yes Stuart, you are normal!

You'll just have to write.


Stuart Perry said...

Helen - you're right, I'm enjoying the few programmes I get to watch now much more because I have to make the effort to watch them.

And I am writing, Frances, I promise. It's just - sad foolish addict that I am - I can't help but wonder what's going on in Doctors at the moment! How about a late night repeat for those of us with a day job, BBC?