Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Stop Gap Blog Post

On Friday, I return to the day job after a long break working on my writing. I'm madly busy trying to finish a few things, and the blog is not getting as much of my attention as I'd like. So, only time for a few bullet points:
  1. About an aeon ago, I went to a Screen South Information day, and a Raindance open evening. A couple of people expressed interest in seeing a write up of these. I have a pile of notes that I hope to turn into a post before too long. Ditto for the next installment of my Digital Shorts diary. Watch this space.
  2. I didn't make the Script Factory 'Wireless and Boundless' scheme but I did at least get a polite (mass) rejection e-mail. 120 people applied for 20 places. Phew! Anyone else apply? Anyone get in?
  3. Paul Cornell's episode of Doctor Who on Saturday was possibly the best so far. And what a cliffhanger!
  4. The BBC Writer's Room still has my radio play, and it's nearly been four months. Is this a good sign or does it take them that long just to reject scripts? I'm hoping for some feedback at least (fingers crossed).
  5. My second spec radio play has been put aside half-finished while I've been revisiting a short. I'm rather pleased with it, so it's off to the British Short Screenplay Competition. Hooray!

Okay, that's all for now. Back to work.


Lianne said...

1 - Looking forward to hearing more about these!

2 - I was intending to do something for it but didn't in the end. Commiserations on not getting through, though it's good you heard so soon. Plus now you have a radio project idea ready to start writing. Nothing is wasted, as they say!

3 - Agreed. First one this series I really enjoyed.

4 - I think that means your script is being read in full, which can only be a good thing.

5 - Good luck with BSSC!

potdoll said...

Hellooo! Great to meet you last night. Hope returning to the day job wasn't too depressing.

martin said...

Hello! These displacement activities are fantactic!!

Great to meet you last night, hope the W.O.R.K went ok.

Looking forward to who too, and good luck with the BSSC, tho as I've already wished Lucy and Lianne luck, and they are producing 3 screenplays, I am now officially a hypocrite!

You are now bookmarked, so speak to you again soon! Tkes care and enjoy who tomorrow!

Azma said...

Good luck with all of them!

Liz Holliday said...


I'd just like to say that you may feel awful because you didn't get picked for the radio thing - but I'll tell you what's worse: your submission getting lost in the post, which is what happened to me. I only even thought to email them to ask what was going on because you posted, so thanks for that!


Stuart Perry said...

Lianne - thanks, I hope you're right about no.4 (fingers crossed). Good luck to you too with the BSSC (you've entered three screenplays - that's pretty impressive!). And it was great to meet you on Thursday.

Potdoll - it was great to meet you too. I've only done one day of work so far, and it was pretty dull.

Martin, it was great to meet you also. I'm looking forward to today's Who almost as much as I am to seeing your blog when it arrives ;-)

Azma - cheers!

Liz - that's terrible. I'm glad I was able to be a tiny tiny bit helpful in highlightling it, but that's a great shame.

Lucy said...

Hi Stuart. ALL my screenplays have been to the writers' room at some point or another and the longer it's there, the better the news is - over 4 mths you get a full read in the very least I've found, tho I should stress I've never sent a radio play.

Did you like your Bang2write goodie bag btw?

Dan said...

Hey Stuart, nice meeting you. I'll ask around about possible producers for your short when I get the chance. The one lady I was going to ask has just had a baby so she'll be a bit pre-occupied for a while! Good luck with all your other ventures though.

Stuart Perry said...

Lucy - I received the goodie bag. Thanks so much. I am already using the post-it notes!

Dan - great to meet you too. And thanks.