Sunday, 18 November 2007


No posts for a while. Apologies - work on the feature screenplay for Full On Pictures has resumed. I'm working on the revisions to the first draft at the moment, and met with the producer Mark Jay mid-week. It was a great meeting: there's some strong interest from production companies, so Mark and I have a busy time of it over the next few weeks getting the screenplay as good as it can be, and then getting it out there.

Meanwhile, all the short films I'm working on are progressing nicely too. The director of 'Santa Baby', the wonderful Colin Stevens, has managed to get the script to an actor who would be perfect for the lead, and to his production company. Fingers crossed that he likes it.

And it looks like the sound problem in 'Lent' has finally been fixed, and over the next week or two, the producer Ricci-Lee Berry will be putting together our agreed distribution list for 2008, and applying for Film Council distribution funding. With luck, and selection, 'Lent' should be playing a festival near you very soon. I'll obviously keep the posted with any updates.

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Frances Lynn said...

Stuff seems to be progressing smoothly your end - look forward to the updates!