Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Juvenilia #2 and some (possibly old) news

Well, here's a turn up for the books: a play which I wrote when I was eighteen is getting its first ever performance in my old home town, Worthing, tonight and tomorrow. My co-writer back then, Alex Shaw (hello Alex!) is now a drama teacher and is putting it on at Worthing High School.

I don't get any money (hey - it was the first thing I thought of - maybe I'll get the freelancer mentality eventually!); nonetheless - if you're anywhere near there tomorrow night at 7pm - why not go along to see 'Double Glazed': it's just your usual, run-of-the-mill Time Travel Costume Drama Musical Comedy. I'm doing something else tomorrow night which I can't really get out of, unfortunately, so I won't be there - that's the second premiere of my work that I've missed out on in one year.

Still, this is a good sign. Maybe everything I've ever written will be bought and put on...

...eighteen years after I finish it. That's something to really hope for.

ADDITIONAL: As I was drinking with most of the blogosphere last night, some of you out there may not know this (and if you all already did, then forgive me for the old news): the episode of Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe that aired yesterday was not the usual sarcasmfest, but instead an incredibly indispensable set of interviews with some of the best TV writers around: Russell T Davies, Paul Abbott, Tony Jordan, Graham Linehan, Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain . It's top! Go to iPlayer, or fire up your PVR/hard drive recorder/video for a repeat. Your brain will love you.


David Lemon said...

Hi Stuart

sorry we didn'tget to talk more in the pub. As you know I'm a socially inept buffoon.
How weird and wonderful to have something from the past come back to life like that. I'd be really interested to see what you thought of the play and how it felt seeing your (slightly) younger writer self up there.

Thanks to you and Paul Campbell for flagging up the screenwipe- might put a recommendation on my blog too. I love Charlie Brooker in fullon vitriol mood but this one was great; the best free writer's festival/seminar ever.

Lara said...

Hey that's very cool news Stuart! You see? Life works in mysterious ways!!! Great to see you again last night. x

Stuart Perry said...

David - yes, sorry to miss talking to you on Tuesday night. Nothing to do with you being a socially inept (which you're not!) but just so many lovely people and not enough time.

I love the full-on Brooker too, but it was worth losing out on that for one week for such a great one-off masterclass. I'm going to have to watch it again.

As to 'Double Glazed', yes I'm excited and a little bit apprehensive about how it will go down with an audience, even after all this time. I've emailed Alex to see if there's a video being made.

Lara - great to see you again too. And - yes - it's definitely a positive vote for perseverance, isn’t it?!

Frances Lynn said...

Well done Stuart!