Monday, 22 December 2008

Winter Bits and Bobs

Not much to report from the last week: the day job, which you'd think would be winding down, is just getting busier. The last three working days before Christmas, and I'm working all of them, alas.

I took the decision a few months back to keep going to the wire, and shift all my days off into 2009. So, I'll be able to have a bit of a rest, watch 'The Next Doctor', and – if Santa brings what I'm keeping my fingers crossed for - I'll go to The Wire again, and enjoy the box set of Series 4, and maybe even Series 5 (I have been very good this year!!).

And I'll do some screenwriting work too, of course. I suppose being busy at the day job is a good sign recession-wise, and it's keeping me in pads and printer ink and netbooks and Wire box sets (you see - I'm already expecting to only receive socks and have to buy them for myself in the online Sales). But I'm looking forward to some days where I can get stuck in to some glorious writing.

I've finished a major restructure of the 'Life Support' pilot episode, and am now producing the pages afresh as a top-down rewrite. So far, I'm on page 20 of 60. I'll keep the blog updated with my progress, more to keep myself going over the holiday period than for any other reason.
I have mused and written and mused; and I've decided to follow up the BBC Writers' Room Invite Next with another feature script: I don't want to rush 'Life Support' out there before I've got some extensive feedback. I'll keep the blog updated with progress on that score too.

I recently spoke to another writer who questioned the value of sending material to the Writer's Room slush pile. I can see what he means to a certain extent, but I'm getting good responses from them, so I'm just going to keep sending material as long as they keep asking for it. Another resolution for next year, though, has to be to start sending some of my amassed spec material to agents and producers. Phew! That's enough to be getting on with...


Michelle Goode said...

Sounds like a wonderful plan!

Good luck with the "Life Support" re-writes!

With the whole sending your writing to BBC Writersroom... did you just start out by simply sending a scipt...then it developed from there in the way of feedback and requests for more work? Or did you send them a letter, or perhaps someone recommended you to them?

I'm just wondering, as it's very encouraging to hear of someone who has been noticed by BBC Writersroom. I am yet to send anything in myself...

Lara said...

Good for you! Just keep sending that stuff out there! Have a lovely Christmas and don't forget to relax a little...! x

Stuart Perry said...

Michelle - yes, I started out sending in a script cold, and they invited further work. I'll post about the process sometime soon - watch this space!

Lara - thanks, and congratulations on your Digital Shorts news!