Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Yes, I did use a metaphor concerning my tackle on a table.

I was given this idea by Paul Campbell’s instructive Scriptuality blog. He did this as a set of New Year’s resolutions, but since starting my blog, and watching uncrushed diaries blossom, it has felt like the beginning of something. So, I’m going to list my aims for the following year. Here goes:

1. Get into the imdb. I know it’s a bit sad, but I won’t believe I actually exist until my name is in there. I suppose this will happen somehow when my short film ‘Lent’ gets distributed more widely. But do I have to e-mail them myself? Or is someone else supposed to do it? I’ll be Stuart Perry [II] if I get in, as that guy from The Poseidon Adventure beat me to my name by a few decades.

2. Get another of my short film scripts produced. I’m working on various different possibilities, and it's looking good. I'll keep my fingers crossed and say no more, to avoid jinxing it!

3. Get an agent. I’m going to the WGGB’s ‘Meet the Agents’ event, and writing to a few. I’m not holding my breath on getting anywhere before the ’25 words or fewer’ UKFC scheme closes, though. If any interested agents are reading this – it could happen – please e-mail me (details are in my profile).

4. Get an afternoon play commissioned for Radio 4.One script is with the BBC Writers’ room, and I’m working on another to try to interest a producer. Perhaps I should have started with the producer route; has anyone had any positive responses going directly to the Writers’ Room? I imagine it’s a teetering slush pile. If any interested radio producers are reading this – it could happen – please e-mail me (details are, as I say, in my profile).

5. Apply to the BBC Writer’s Academy.That’s what I should be doing right now: writing this blog is my displacement activity. Hence the name.

6. Write an episode of Doctor Who. That’s an ambition I’ve had since I was ten. I should have tried submitting something then, it would have been easier. Actually, a friend did get my CV screenplay to Russell T Davies, but I’d imagine he’s been too busy to read it. I’m hoping by the time he is able to I will have successfully completed 1 to 5, and so will have a track record good enough to stand a chance of getting a commission. Although, to be honest, it might be better, if we’re talking about aims for the next year, to change that to

6. Write an episode of Doctors. And I’m not just being sensible: I love Doctors, and would give my right arm to write for it. I can’t believe Greg’s gone!

There you go: I’ve put my metaphorical tackle on the table for fate to whack it with a mallet, if I fail to achieve any of these. Better get back to that Academy application…


Paul Campbell said...

Hi Stuart.

What an excellent list! It'll be fun (or depressing!) to revisit in a year's time.

IMDB - you can probably enter it yourself, though it might be better to get the producer to do so for you (s/he will presumably also want it there). You need to register, and you might need proof that the short exists, but you should be able to do it yourself. That's what I did (I'm "Paul Campbell XIII", I think).

On the Afternoon Play, I've not quite managed this myself yet, but I've got close a few times. If you can persuade an independent producer to submit for you then I think your chances have got to be higher than through the BBC slushpile. SOmewhere on the BBC site there's a list of independent radio producers who are permitted to submit ideas for the Afternoon Play.

Dr Who. Good luck! ! ! !

See you in the BBC Writers Academy later in the year!

Stuart Perry said...

Cheers, Paul. Look forward to seeing you at the Writer's Academy! (or at the very least bumping into you in Cheltenham)

Stuart Perry said...
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Not sure where you live, but there might be another route for radio drama. Here in Scotland BBC Radio has a drama development producer, whose remit includes finding and nurturing new writers. I first met him at a new writers event during the festival, introduced myself and sent along some examples of my work.

Radio is a great medium to write for. I've only had a 15-minute play on thus far, but learnt so much from that experience. Plus it's so supportive for writers, and you only have one set of notes to deal with. You're welcomed [even expected] in the studio during recording, you sit in the booth beside the producer during takes, you work with the actors to tweak the script and can give them notes.

Radio is writer's heaven in a lot of ways.

As for IMBD, I'm happy to say I'm David Bishop XIII - lucky 13, ilke Paul - thanks to being a talking head in an Inspector Morse documentary.

Frances Lynn said...

Interesting bog.


Unknown said...

So have you sent that Writers Academy application yet? Come on Stuart!

Stuart Perry said...

Paul - I'm still hunting for the independent producers list - if I find it, I'll blog it.

David - I agree with you about radio being writer's heaven, and happily it's also a medium I love as a listener. I haven't heard of a development exec for radio here (South East / London) but again I'm looking into it, and will post details if I can find them. Thanks for the tip.

Frances - cheers for your kind words.

Helen - nearly finished. But I might leave it another day and read through the submission once more. Deadline is in May, so I've got plenty of time.

Lianne said...

Nice list of goals Stuart! If you do find a radio exec for London and South East, would be great if you could post it. Getting something comissioned for radio is on my goal list too.

I'm going to the Meet the Agent's thing too, perhaps I'll see you there.

potdoll said...

Yes I'm going to Meet the Agents thing too. See you there!